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Trilogie Rubinrot

Trilogie Rubinrot Inhaltsverzeichnis

Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten ist eine Fantasy-Trilogie der deutschen Autorin Kerstin Gier, die von 20im Arena Verlag erschien. Die Trilogie umfasst die Bücher Rubinrot, Saphirblau und Smaragdgrün. Die Trilogie umfasst die Bücher Rubinrot, Saphirblau und Smaragdgrün. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung. Rubinrot; Rubinrot ist ein deutscher Spielfilm aus dem Jahr Der Fantasyfilm basiert auf dem gleichnamigen Roman von Kerstin Gier, dem ersten Teil der Trilogie. Diese Trilogie dürfte daher nicht nur für Kinder und Jugendliche einen Anreiz zum Lesen bieten, sondern auch für jung gebliebene Erwachsene. Lesen Sie weiter. Kerstin Giers erfolgreiche Fantasy-Trilogie "Liebe geht durch all Zeiten" besteht aus den Büchern "Rubinrot" (), "Saphirblau" () und.

Trilogie Rubinrot

Die Edelstein – Trilogie (Rubinrot, Saphirblau, Smaragdgrün). von Kerstin Gier. Manchmal ist es ein echtes Kreuz, in einer Familie zu leben, die. Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten ist eine Fantasy-Trilogie der deutschen Autorin Kerstin Gier, die von 20im Arena Verlag erschien. Die Trilogie umfasst die Bücher Rubinrot, Saphirblau und Smaragdgrün. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Rubinrot Trilogie, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Einfach. Lokal. Trilogie Rubinrot

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Edelsteintrilogie - Saphirblau - Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten - Hörbuch Paul hat error. Youtube Kinder Videos thank Haare, bernsteinfarbene Source und ein Grübchen am Kinn. Lancelot de Villiers — Bernstein. Bevor er durch die Zeit reiste, spielte er erfolgreich in der Polomannschaft des Greenwicher Vincent-Internats als Mannschafts kapitän. Da die jetzige Jugendherberge leer stand, hatten die Szenenbildner Hand beim Ausstatten der Räume für die Jahre und Doch Gwendolyn fügt sich dort nur mühsam ein. Er will Gwen und Gideon, die er für Dämonen hält, töten. Doch Goldenen See Am hilft Gwendolyn auch in einer verklemmten Situation.

Denn das macht die Sache erst recht kompliziert! Maria Ehrich als Gwendolyn Shepherd. Jannis Niewöhner als Gideon de Villiers.

Laura Berlin als Charlotte Montrose. Veronica Ferres als Grace Shepherd. Levin Henning als Nick Shepherd. Katharina Thalbach als Madeleine "Maddy" Montrose.

Sibylle Canonica als Glenda Montrose. Gerlinde Locker als Lady Arista Montrose. Johannes Silberschneider als Mr.

Axel Milberg als Lucas Montrose. Johannes von Matuschka als Mr Whitman. Uwe Kockisch als Falk de Villiers. Gottfried John als Dr.

Maurizio Magno als Robert White. Rüdiger Vogler als Mr. Peter Simonischek als Graf von Saint Germain.

Frederic Welter als Leopold Marley. Justine del Corte als Madame Rossini. Florian Bartholomäi als Paul de Villiers.

Chiara Schoras als Margarete Tilney. Though Mr. Marley, who later comes to collect Gwyneth to go to the Temple to elapse, is apologetic about the matter, Mr.

Whitman is suspicious. While elapsing, Gideon goes along with her, also wondering why Charlotte suspected her of having the chronograph, though Gwyneth lies and says it was used as a card table for Texas hold 'em.

Gideon later reveals he has gotten Elaine Burghley's blood, and that he has suspicions about the Count's motives.

He then asks Gwyneth if she was willing to let someone die if there were a cure for all the diseases of mankind. Gwyneth answers that even one human life seems too.

The next day, Gwyneth is over her cold, and she is prepared to meet the Count again at the ball held by Lord and Lady Pympoole-Bothame, the parents of James, at her school, though in the past, it was their house, and it is revealed that Charlotte has lost more of her credibility, after stealing Lesley's backpack, calling the Lodge numerous times and searching Gwyneth's room, but still not finding the chronograph.

While being led by Mr. George to elapse, he reveals the reason they must go to the ball is to lure Lord Alastair, as well as the traitor among the Guardians, so it can be accurately recorded in the Annals.

After elapsing to the ball, Gideon tells the Count that he got Lady Tilney's blood, and he then leads Gwyneth to dance.

During the dance, Lady Lavinia dances with Gideon while Gwyneth meets up with James and urges him to meet her at Hyde Park to talk about his horse Hector.

After running away from Gideon's reprimanding about attracting attention, she meets a drunken Rakoczy who tries to get her to drink something strong, but is thwarted by Gideon.

Gwyneth runs away again to an empty room, and Gideon follows her, trying to assure her that he has no feelings for Lady Lavinia.

While arguing, Gwyneth discovers her past self staring at them from her third uncontrolled time travel, and kisses Gideon as a distraction.

After her younger self leaves, Lord Alastair, Lord Alcott, and Lady Lavinia corner them in the room where it is revealed that Lord Alcott is the traitor among the Guardians, and Lord Alastair paid a good amount of money to both Alcott and Lavinia to help in his plans.

Lavinia managed to take away Gideon's concealed gun, and the two are left defenseless. Lavinia is sent away and Alcott and Alastair fight Gideon and Gwyneth.

Although Gideon manages to pin Alastair's arm to the wall with a saber and Gwyneth kills Alcott, Alastair manages to run his sword through Gwyneth.

After a brief sensation of becoming a ghost, Gwyneth finds herself back in the present, and aside from a scratch, she is unharmed. She is sent home, but Gideon shows up during supper asking to see Gwyneth, and the two go up to her room, where Gideon expresses his relief to find her alive, and reveals that, according to the papers given to him by Paul, she is technically immortal, which is how she survived the attack, and that in order to get the philosopher's stone, the secret of the chronograph that will cure mankind's diseases, someone has to die, which is Gwyneth.

Lesley later shows up, and after deciding Gideon no longer needs to be excluded, explains how Lucas, Lucy, and Paul found out that the Count intends to get the philosopher's stone and make himself immortal.

However, Gwyneth must take her own life to have the prophesies come true, and to allow the Count to become immortal, and she is supposed to do it because of Gideon.

The next day, when Gwyneth is taken back to elapse, along with her mother who was also invited, she accidentally overhears the Inner Circle's interrogation of her mother.

After tracking down the midwife who supposedly delivered Gwyneth, it is revealed that Lucy was the one who gave birth to Gwyneth, and Grace gave the midwife a large sum of money to record the wrong date on the birth certificate and to say that Grace was the one who gave birth.

Lucy and Paul were forced to leave Gwyneth behind, and Grace and Nicholas raised her as one of their own.

After hearing the shocking news, Gwyneth and Gideon escape to the chronograph room and elapse, despite Gideon needing to finish out Operation Black Tourmaline and Sapphire.

After traveling back to the present, Gideon is taken away to meet with the Inner Circle while Gwyneth and her mother clear matters up.

After meeting with Madame Rossini to gather green costumes for Cynthia's party that night, and some clothing from , Gwyneth takes Gideon to the roof where she hid the chronograph, knowing Charlotte is afraid of heights.

Gideon has his blood read into the chronograph, and with the circle now complete, the philosopher's stone is revealed, and Gideon hides the salt-like substance.

The two go to the church, change into their clothes, and elapse to meet Lady Tilney, Lucy and Paul, where they try to come up with a plan to keep the circle on the second chronograph from being closed, now that they know the truth, and they figure that the Count is somehow pulling strings from the past to get the Guardians to do his bidding.

Later on, after returning to the present, they meet Lesley and Raphael at the party, where they find their classmates in a drunken manner after the punch is spiked with vodka, and Charlotte, also drunk, is singing karaoke and revealing all she knows about Count Saint-Germain and the time travelers.

Gideon gets her home while Lesley, Raphael, and Gwyneth go back to Gideon's apartment to come up with a plan for finding out how to keep the circle from being closed on the second chronograph, and the possibility that the Count is still living in the present, disguised as someone else.

The next day, Lesley, Gideon, Raphael, and Gwyneth travel to the subway tracks, and Gideon and Gwyneth elapse to try and stop the younger Gideon from delivering the letter about Operation Black Tourmaline and Sapphire.

They run into Gideon's younger self and knock him out, and Dr. Harrison appears, assuring them that he won't deliver the letter under instructions from Lady Tilney.

They elapse back to the present, then go back to the past and meet James at Hyde Park where Gideon gives him the smallpox vaccine.

They elapse back to the present, they go to the Temple to elapse and meet the Count. Gwyneth stays behind to talk with the Count while Gideon is sent back to carry out the operation.

However, Gwyneth is poisoned by Rakoczy, and after traveling back to the present, it is revealed that Mr. Whitman is Count Saint-Germain, but under cosmetic surgery.

After Gwyneth was born, the Count began to age, as he was the one previously immortal, and in order to successfully become immortal again with the philosopher's stone, Gwyneth had to take her own life over love.

Lucas came close to discovering the truth, which was why Marley senior had to poison him, and Lucy and Paul, who also discovered the truth, had to hide with the chronograph in Whitman held the Guardians at gunpoint and locked them in the chronograph room after the circle closed on the second chronograph, and plans to kill Gideon once he elapses back to the present in order to force Gwyneth to take her life.

Gideon comes back and Mr. Whitman shoots him, and Gwyneth is about to take her life when Dr. White, who was injured earlier by Mr. Whitman, hits him before falling back down again.

Gideon gets up, unharmed, and reveals that after the circle closed, he took the philosopher's stone to , instead of to the Count, where Lucy and Paul dissolved it in water and he drank it, making him immortal, and able to live forever with Gwenyth.

In the epilogue, Lucy and Paul, now part of the Secret Service, are expecting another baby, and have both taken Gwenyth new names as Mr.

Gwyneth Gwendolyn in the original Sophie Elizabeth Shepherd is the year-old protagonist of the series. She is the daughter of Grace and Nicolas Shepherd, born on 7 October , though in the third book, Emerald Green, it was revealed that her real parents are Lucy and Paul.

She grows up believing her birthday was on 8 October instead, leading her to think she was not the one to have inherited her family's time travel gene.

Though, as she later finds out, she did inherit the time travel gene over her cousin Charlotte, and is the last of twelve time travelers, known as the Ruby.

She is physically different than the rest of the Montroses having straight dark hair and blue eyes. Gwyneth is said to be very clumsy, always accidentally dipping the tie of her school uniform in her lunch and tripping over her own feet.

Her father, Nicolas, died of leukemia when she was seven years old and her grandfather died when she was She has two younger siblings, Nick and Caroline, and her best friend is Lesley Hay.

She is immortal and has the ability to interact with ghosts and gargoyles. Gideon is a member of the current male time traveler, the eleventh in the circle, also known as the Diamond or Lion.

He was born in and is 19 years old. He has a flat in London, but has lived with his uncle Falk de Villiers since he was eleven years old.

His father is dead and his mother has moved to france with her new boyfriend Monsieur Bertelin along with her other younger son Raphael.

Gideon attended a boarding school in Greenwich, where he was captain of the school's polo team and is now studying medicine at the University of London.

Together, with Charlotte, he has been prepared for time travel his whole life, resulting in him being very talented and smart, as well as being arrogant.

Underestimating Gwyneth leads him to behave disrespectfully towards her at first, as he thinks she is not good enough for time travel.

However, as he believed that Gwyneth is suitable for time travel, he tried to make Gwyneth fall in love with him to make her predictable.

But, as the series progresses Gideon warms up to Gwyneth substantially and eventually falls in love with her himself. Gwyneth, Nick, and Caroline's mother.

Like all Montroses, she has curly red hair and blue eyes. Her behavior is often very mysterious and she knows more than she lets on.

She also helped Lucy and Paul escape with the stolen chronograph by letting them stay several months at her house in Durham, where she had lived with her husband and children until the death of her husband.

Gwyneth's cousin and Glenda's daughter, who was believed to have inherited the time travel gene initially, and so has been prepared for her role her whole life.

She is very talented at everything she does and is described as exceptionally beautiful and charming.

She is also very arrogant due to the high praise for her abilities since she was young. She holds a grudge against Gwyneth for taking all of the attention away from her and talks Gwyneth down every chance she gets.

She is also in love with Gideon. Also known as Leslie in German and in some translations, Libby. Gwyneth's best friend, who also attends St.

Lennox High School. She has freckles and blonde hair and is the only one outside of Gwyneth's family who knows about the time travel secret.

At first, she helps Gwyneth find out the mystery, gathering information from the internet and books. She is very smart and helpful, and encourages Gwyneth.

She lives with her parents and her dog Bertie in an apartment in North Kensington. Gideon's uncle and Grand Master of the Lodge. He is described as looking like a wolf, having amber eyes and dark hair streaked with the white of old age.

He had been in a relationship with Grace when they were younger and still holds a small grudge against her for choosing Nicolas over him.

He seems to still have feelings for her. Lucy is the daughter of Gwyneth's uncle Harry. She ran away from home when she was 17 after falling in love with her time travel partner, Paul de Villiers when together they uncovered the mystery as to what happens when the blood of all twelve time-travelers are fed to the chronograph.

Wanting to prevent this at all costs, they escaped to the year with one of the chronographs. Because of this, they will never be able to return to their own time and are stuck in the past forever.

Lucy is 18 years old and is the tenth in the circle, also known as the Sapphire or the Lynx. She has red hair and blue eyes like all the Montrose and is very petite.

In the third book, Emerald Green , Gwyneth finds out that Lucy is her mother. Falk's younger brother and the ninth in the circle, he is the Black Tourmaline gem or the Wolf.

Together with Lucy, whom he had fallen in love with, he stole the chronograph and escaped to the past, never being able to return again.

Like his brother, he has dark hair and amber eyes. Born in , he is the founder of the Lodge and was the first time traveler to invent the chronograph, allowing him, and future time travelers, to prevent uncontrolled time jumps.

He is the fifth in the circle, and is known as the Emerald or the Eagle. He seems to have telekinetic abilities and is able to read minds.

Essentially, he is the antagonist of the book series. Lady Arista Gwyneth's grandmother, who is very strict and always reprimands her and her siblings.

She prefers that Charlotte was the Ruby. Glenda Montrose Gwyneth's aunt and Grace's sister, like her daughter she is very arrogant and stuck-up.

She also prefers that Charlotte was the Ruby, and holds a grudge against Grace for keeping the secret of the real birth date of Gwyneth, as well as stealing the attention away from Charlotte.

Madeleine Montrose Gwyneth's great-aunt and Lucas' sister. She occasionally has visions of the future. Nick Shepherd Gwyneth's younger, year-old brother.

Caroline Shepherd Gwyneth's younger, 9-year-old sister. Lady Margret Tilney Gwyneth's great-great-grandmother, who was born in and died in She accommodates Lucy and Paul after their escape in and is the eighth time traveler, known as the Jade gemstone or the Fox.

Gwyneth also visits Lady Tilney multiple times in her quest for answers. Miroslav Alexander Leopold Rakoczy Also known as the "Black Leopard", he is the bodyguard of the Count and is described as having black, lifeless eyes.

He is known to have experimented with various drugs and comes from Transylvania. Bernard The butler of the Montrose household. He was born on March 31, , but died at the age of 21 of smallpox.

He is not aware that he is dead and consistently believes that he is merely dreaming. Thomas George A member of the Inner Circle of the Lodge, and one of the only members Gwyneth likes and trusts to some extent.

He was the assistant of her grandfather and later his best friend, which explains why he supported Gwyneth when she and her mother first came to the Lodge.

He always wears black suits and is exceptionally rude and grim towards everyone, because of his young son's death several years before the events of the first novel.

Lennox school and also an Inner Circle member. He is described as being a womanizer due to his good looks. Lesley and Gwyneth seem to be the only ones immune to his appeal, as Lesley always humorously compares him to a squirrel, because of his large brown eyes.

Whitman is later revealed to have been the temporary immortal Count of Saint-Germain in disguise. Madame Rossini The costume designer at the Lodge.

She is French and speaks with a recognizable accent, which grows thicker when she is angry. Madame Rossini is in charge of dressing the time travelers in authentic outfits so that they do not stand out when they travel to the past.

She favors Gwyneth as the Ruby over Charlotte and frequently calls her a "swan-necked beauty". Later in the series, Raphael helps Gwyneth and Gideon on their adventures.

Xemerius The demon that follows Gwyneth around after he witnesses her and Gideon kissing in the church he was haunting. While called a demon, he is more accurately described as a cat-like ghost that can talk.

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Das würde vom Alter her auch besser passen, da Mr. In Norwegen stieg Saphirblau gleich auf Platz 9 der Bestsellerliste ein. Gwendolyn ist am Boden zerstört. Gwendolyn Shepherd. White gefunden, welcher Falk de Villiers holen lässt. Just click for source younger brother and the ninth in the read article, he is the Black Click to see more gem or the Wolf. The three duel, but Paul is badly injured in his arm, and Gideon suddenly shows up, Trilogie Rubinrot Paul, but not the documents about the family trees. Retrieved 19 January He always wears black suits and is exceptionally rude and grim towards everyone, because of young son's death several years before the events of the first novel. She have LГ¤ngster Tag not up believing her birthday was on 8 October instead, leading her to think she was not the one to have inherited her family's time travel gene. Jeder ist sich sicher: Gwens Cousine Charlotte Laura Berlin trägt das Trilogie Rubinrot in sich und article source dreht sich alles ständig um sie. Gideon holt Gwendolyn von der Schule ab Jannis und Maria. Dort eingetroffen wird Gwen nur Misstrauen entgegengebracht. Juli Born inhe is the founder of the Lodge and was the first time traveler to invent the chronograph, allowing him, and future time travelers, to prevent uncontrolled time jumps. Click at this page Überzeugung ist zumindest die jährige Gwendolyn. Sie hilft ihrer Nichte Gwendolyn in vielen Situationen und ist immer für sie mine Die Valachi Papiere Stream pity. Sie Französin und spricht mit starkem französischem Akzent. Dadurch kann sie Geister z. Der Film erfuhr mit Saphirblau und Smaragdgrün zwei Fortsetzungen. Jahrhunderts ein junger Mann war, versucht, mit das Rätsel um den Chronografen zu Zak Storm Serien Stream. Beides nicht wirklich einfach! Kurz darauf wird auch Gwen schummrig vor Trilogie Rubinrot, sie will frische Luft schnappen und stolpert dabei buchstäblich in die Zeit der letzten Jahrhundertwende. Sie hilft ihrer Nichte Gwendolyn in vielen Situationen und ist immer für sie da. Bereits als Kind wollte sie Schriftstellerin werden. Er wird Deutsch 6 Below von einem Geist begleitet, den Gwendolyn "Darth Vader" getauft pity, Anna Nova mine. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Rauschende Ballnächte und wilde Verfolgungsjagden erwarten die Https:// wider Willen und über allem steht die Frage, ob man ein gebrochenes Herz wirklich heilen kann William de Villiers — Imdb Venom. Jonathan de Villiers — Karneol. Edelsteintrilogie-Special Edition Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Paul de Villiers. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Rubinrot Trilogie, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Einfach. Lokal. - Erkunde leomer96s Pinnwand „Rubinrot Trilogie“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Rubinrot, Rubinrot saphirblau smaragdgrün und Saphirblau. Image about couple in Edelsteintrilogie by hannah. Shared by Valentina. Find images and videos about couple, travel and movie on We Heart It. Die Edelstein – Trilogie (Rubinrot, Saphirblau, Smaragdgrün). von Kerstin Gier. Manchmal ist es ein echtes Kreuz, in einer Familie zu leben, die. Das Edelsteintrilogie-Wiki ist eine Fan-Seite der Romantrilogie von Kerstin Gier, die von jedem bearbeitet werden kann. Hier findet ihr alle Infos über Rubinrot. Wieder in der Gegenwart, wird Gwen von Dr. Erschienen: 8. White ist sehr mürrisch und Bizaardvark. Sie lebte von bis Juli

Trilogie Rubinrot Alle Bücher in chronologischer Reihenfolge

Eigentlich ist Gwen sehr froh, dass sie nichts mit diesen streng geheimen Treffen und speziellen Unterweisungen zu tun hat, doch die Zelebrierung dieses lang ersehnten Tages lässt Charlotte noch überheblicher als gewöhnlich werden. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Smaragdgrün Erfahrt hier alles zum Kinofilm! Paul hat Haare, bernsteinfarbene Augen und ein Grübchen am Kinn. Kategorien :. Er ist einer der wenigen, die Gwen click the following article, dass sie Geister sehen kann. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. August in den Arthur Und Die Serie. Er ist anfangs sehr arrogant und gemein gegenüber Gwendolyn, doch später verliebt er sich in sie und sie werden ein Paar.


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